How I manifested the love of my life!

By Natalie Bouchard


After my ex-husband and I decided to officially divorce, I would start my morning writing the story of the life I wanted to live. It was a way for me to not only work on discovering where I was going but it helped me stay positive during this difficult time by focusing on a dream. The story would always be written in present tense like I was writing a journal. I'd start the story by writing, I am so happy and grateful now that .... Furthermore, every day my imagination would expand and so would my story. In these stories I would describe the man I wanted in my life. A man that was so perfect for me. At first my story had me laughing because it appeared so exaggerated. But weeks would pass and I started feeling emotions of excitement towards this story. Everyday I became more and more attached to these ideas, to this life I wanted to live. The more my attachment to these ideas grew, the stronger my belief in manifesting this new life for myself grew.


One day, I was approached by a friend to purchase a PGI ticket for an event in Los Angeles. This was an event to see Bob Proctor live on April 26th-28th. I really did want to attend since, at this time I was heavily studying and practicing Bob Proctor's materials, but felt my life was so hectic. The show would run while I would be in Mexico plus I was scheduled to move out of my matrimonial home that weekend, plus I had a business trip scheduled in Toronto too. This show appeared to be such poor timing therefore I had to turn those tickets down.

I remember that very night after turning down those tickets. I could not sleep as my intuition was acting up. I felt like I needed to be at that event. The next morning, I get another text from my friend asking if I was 100% sure I couldn't move my schedule around. At that moment I decided that if I wanted different results in my life, I needed to do the opposite of what the "former Natalie" would do. So I booked my flight from Mexico to LA and shuffled my entire moving and work schedule around to accommodate this event.

When I left Mexico to fly to LA, I felt so much excitement inside of me, like something major was going to come out of this. I also remember getting bumped to first class for which never happens to me and I travel almost weekly.


The first evening of the event, my friend shrugged my shoulder and said "Look, there's Kevin Blake Weldon, Bob Proctor brought him in to sing." I looked at my friend and responded "Come to Alberta, there are tons of men in cowboy hats!" Now after saying that I realized it was an unkind comment. I also realized where it was coming from. I was a country girl that left a dysfunctional world behind. I also promised myself to never look back. I moved away believing that the BIG DREAM was to become a Focused, Financially Secured, Corporate Leader. LOVE? No, I didn't trust enough to allow myself to fall in LOVE with anyone. I married a good friend instead. My ex-husband and I both agree that we loved the idea of each other more than we loved each other. Today we are very blessed that we continue to be good friends.


When Kevin stepped on stage, he shocked me. He was the exact opposite of what I had expected him to be. This slightly rugged country music singer with a cowboy hat spoke deeply from the heart and was so vulnerable on stage when opening up about wanting to win a grammy and finding love. My first thought was, wow, I could never open up about love like that. At that moment, my mind was convincing me that the last thing I needed was to find myself in another relationship. But unconsciously, my heart was longing for love and was a big part of the life stories I would write every morning. My entire adult life, I allowed my old paradigms that were formed during my childhood, to control my behaviour towards men... towards love. But this time I had more control over my thoughts! My mind was wide open and my awareness was expanding ever so quickly, I had become more connected to my intuition. It was clear to me that I needed to meet him.

That Friday night I spotted Kevin singing in the lobby surrounded by a lot of people. My immediate thought was ... I don't need to meet anyone that badly. Part of me thought ... ya, he's an artist ... best to stay away! It was evident that my trust issues surfaced once again to "protect me". I did however decide to stay in the lobby to meet more people and have a few drinks. An hour had past and I could sense Kevin was looking over at me but I was avoiding eye contact.


As I was speaking with a friend I could see Kevin walking towards me from the corner of my eye. He then sits next to me and said a few words ... but all I could think was "PLS don't serenade me! Please don't put me on the spot." And what does he do ... He sings to me! The amazing part of this, is that it forced me to look into his eyes. When our eyes locked on each other I couldn't help but think he appeared so familiar to me. His eyes. His smile. His voice ... why? He's from Texas!?

Once the song ended, Kevin and I started chatting like we've known each other from before. But what really shocked me is when he said [You know, I was sitting over there and I could sense your energy ... I could swear you were intentionally avoiding me ... I kept asking myself ... Woman why won't you look at me?] My immediate thought was ...WOW, he was spot on. Our gaze still locked on each other ... I couldn't help but think ... Who is this man? I then, for the first time in my life, opened up ... and spoke my truth to this complete stranger.

I respond : [Look ... it's part of my paradigm to behave this way when I sense someone is trying to pick me up. I don't do well in these sort of scenes. Through Bob Proctor's studies I now realize that I have always avoided true love in my life and instead made relationship choices based on what appeared to be the right fit. I see that now, and it's why I'm in a middle of a divorce. Honestly, I just feel that a relationship right now would be too much of a distraction for me ... I just ...don't really need a man. I am very successful on my own. Plus I have some big goals I'm working on too. And ...I have my two girls ...]

Kevin interrupts me with the biggest smile and asks ... [OH wow, you have 2 girls? I have two girls, how old are they?]


I was completely confused... did he not hear what I just said? My life is a mess! Why does this not scare him off? I respond: [Erica is 10 and Sophia is 7 years old ... I'm not sure why you are still smiling and looking at me like that ... gosh, I'm really not selling myself right now. My life is a bit of a mess!] Kevin's eyes soften and with conviction answers: [NOT AT ALL, I love that you are so self aware. But ... NO ONE wants to live a life without love in it. NO ONE.] He was right, I did want love and he could see right through me. I remember that moment like it was yesterday ... we sat there with our eyes locked on each other, both completely speechless. My heart was pounding like it had never done before.

We stayed up all night talking and opening up and laughing. I have never felt connected to anyone like I felt connected to this man. The next day something more magical happened. Kevin showed me his vision board of the woman he wanted to meet based on Bob Proctor's advice. Several months before we met, Kevin drew a vision board that included all the qualities he was seeking in a woman. He wrote a note on that board that she would be perfect for him but he would also be perfect for her. I also spotted on that board that he would meet her before May 1st of 2019. We met on April 26th. WOW! I was her. He further mentioned that he wasn't suppose to attend the PGI event, that Bob invited him 4 weeks before we had met. I wasn't suppose to be there either! This was crazy! I then shared with Kevin my daily stories of the life I wanted which included my future husband. When I shared with Kevin... We were both so shocked beyond belief. HOLY COW ... I was clearly describing Kevin. I know this sounds so far fetched! My former self would have laughed and rejected this story! But hear me out....


I'm sharing my truth and this message to create an impact in as many lives as possible! You have no idea how powerful your mind is ... so powerful! People are always waiting for circumstances to change or something outside of them to shift or they feel its just not in the cards for them!! I really want to inspire you and help you understand that you can live ANY LIFE YOU WANT!!

Part of my dream life was to connect with the love of my life. My story I wrote every morning made me feel excited and full of life. But back then, there were patterns inside of me that were not yet a match for that LIFE I WANTED. The patterns inside of me correlated with the life I was living... not the life I wanted! Let's take a closer look at the laws:

By SPIRITUAL LAW you must rise above your current circumstances and NOT allow them to stop you. You must rise above so u can release those old patterns and replace them with patterns of thinking and being and choosing and acting that are harmonious with the person that is living the life you imagine yourself being.

The PHYSICS OF TRANSFORMATION is explained perfectly using this quote by Henry David Thoreau. If one advances confidently in the direction of his/her dreams, and endeavors to live the life he/she has imagined, he/she will pass an invisible boundary, and will meet with a success unexpected in common hours and he/she begin to live with a license of a higher order of being.

The ART IS IN THE Dreaming, Design and Creating that incredible vision in your mind is so unique to YOU. Everything is created twice. It's created in your mind before it becomes real in your life. The same way we create an invention or build a home, We can create the life we want by wiring our thinking to see and drawn in the right ideas ... and the right people in our life.

The LAW of POLARITY the only way you know you're alive is because of the idea that death exists. By contrast, you know you're alive. This identification of the sate of being through the human experience exists trough the law of contrast. It's an important law to understand when going after your dream because everything outside of you will rise up to try to persuade you against it. Try to pull you away from it.

The SCIENCE is in the VIBRATION Because you don't get to not be in a vibration. OR to not have a communication in the energy you live in! Communication is vibration. Law of attraction is a secondary law to the primary law of vibration. How everything occurs on this planet earth is through the law of vibration. When you fall in love and feel worthy of YOUR DREAM LIFE, that puts you at a higher amplified vibration level evoking the law of attraction to the very things and images in your mind. Go back and read Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison or Andrew Carnegie's quotes ... those quotes all connect to these laws. These laws are no different than the law of gravity or the law of electricity. We know there's only one law! The only difference is that the majority of the population was not taught about this phenomenal, life changing law.

Rise up your FREQUENCY to become a perfect match to your dream

As you can see, Kevin and I both worked on planting deep in our minds the life we wanted "the dream". We then worked on rising above our circumstances allowing us to expand our awareness. The more we became aware of our truth and not what we were taught to believe the more we could grow in the presence of fear, doubt and lack. The more we grew, the more we believed! This kind of transformation has allowed us both to increase our vibration. We became a perfect vibrational match which drew us together in Los Angeles. To this day, it blows us away how much we compliment each other so perfectly. He is perfect for me and I am perfect for him. All our past events, have shaped and prepared us for this amazing love we share today.