Kevin Blake Weldon

Proctor Gallagher Institute - Consultant

Kevin Blake Weldon was born and raised in Lufkin, Texas and grew up playing baseball. He married his high school sweetheart and had 2 beautiful daughters, Sarah and Ashley. Kevin received a full scholarship to pitch for Alvin Community College until a torn rotator cuff ended that dream. At approximately 20 years of age, Kevin had discovered that he had a talent for singing and knew he could do this for the rest of his life. Kevin started to sing in 1990 and by 1995 signed his first major recording contract with Curb Records as part of a duo Blake and Brian. By 1997 Kevin was divorced and his life slowly unraveled but not before the Duo had 2 top 40 hits and a #1 single in Europe.

At the end of 1999 Kevin had lost his recording and publishing contract. Back then, Kevin did not have the awareness he has today, having now worked with Bob Proctor. Losing his recording deal was the most devastating experience of his life. In 2001 Kevin started an entertainment company and started his own independent label and recorded 5 albums in not just Country Music but Outdoor Comedy under the title BadBob and Jimmy's Funny Hunting Songs. He did experience great success and his videos have been viewed over 50 million times. Furthermore, Kevin became a pioneer of Trunited, a rapidly growing Multi-Level Marketing Company. However, living with past regrets, guilt, and pain,Kevin kept experiencing struggle and heartbreak. He found himself on an emotional rollercoaster especially when it came to the one thing he wanted the most. LOVE.

Kevin was first introduced to Bob Proctor through the hit movie, The Secret. He remembers feeling drawn to all the great Self Help Coaches in the industry and started studying and applying many of these methods in his daily life. Kevin became far more connected with Bob Proctor and decided to invest further in himself and attended a Matrixx Event in Toronto. Kevin knew that this would mark the turning point in his life and was he right! Bob Proctor wound up inviting Kevin on stage to perform at the Matrixx and was so impressed that he invited him to perform again in LA. There, Bob introduced Kevin to Phillip Goldfine, a highly successful Hollywood Producer.

It was also in LA that Kevin met the love of his life, Natalie Bouchard. Their story is one of the most magical stories shared throughout the Proctor Gallagher Institute family. Check out their Blog "How I Manifested the Love of my Life" for details.

As a World Class Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Nashville Recording Artist and songwriter, and now PGI Consultant in human potential, Kevin teaches and inspires countless people that it's never too late to Live the Life They Truly Want! Kevin is now back in Nashville with an Inner power greater than he ever knew possible. Kevin not only plans on winning a Grammy, he also intends to build a beautiful and exciting future with Natalie.