Natalie Bouchard

Proctor Gallagher Institute - Consultant

Natalie was born in Timmins, Ontario but raised in a small village 100KMS south of Timmins called Ramore and she currently lives in Airdrie, Alberta. At one time, Natalie was in a world of pain as a struggling mother who suffered from periodic depression. She felt constantly frustrated with work-life balance and was working long hours with very little positive results to show for it. Natalie also struggled with massive weight fluctuations causing health issues. Natalie grew up in a dysfunctional environment and when successfully breaking free from it, she was left believing on a subconscious level that life was a battle field. Thus, attracting an adult life of emptiness, negative events, and victimized circumstances, for her to fight through.

Natalie started studying and applying advanced mindset techniques to her life over 5 years ago. But in 2018, Natalie decided to try a Bob Proctor program and things changed dramatically within 6 weeks. Today, she needs a telescope to look back on her life. Currently, Natalie is a fortunate mother of 2 beautiful girls, Erica and Sophia. She has also found the love of her life, Kevin Weldon, and describes her life now as being a magical and exciting adventure. Natalie, having achieved 250% over quota during tough economic times had her seeing a much bigger vision and role in this industry, A vision that would help businesses and Corporations achieve results they only dreamed about. Furthermore, Natalie owns Defy Age Fitness, a coaching business dedicated to helping athletes and offer various weight-loss programs. Natalie also realized at the age of 40, a childhood dream of becoming a Professional Fitness Athlete. In her first year of competing, Natalie won her way to UFE World's and achieved a Bronze medal on her Pro Stage debut.

For the last two decades, Natalie has played an instrumental role in consulting, mentoring, and empowering thousands of small, medium and large corporations, new business ventures, Athletes and various charitable organizations. The part Natalie was most passionate about was her strong desire to see herself, and everyone prosper. That's what inspired her to dig deeper and invest in the studies of human potential. Studying the topic of the mind was a true game changer for Natalie's personal and professional life. For this reason, Natalie and Kevin have recently partnered with the BEST in the world, Proctor Gallagher Institute to educate people how to understand their hidden abilities to do more, be more and have more in every area of life.

Today, Natalie has not only aligned herself with her true purpose and passion, she also embraces her past knowing it serves as a major role in connecting and in transforming the lives of so many people.