Natalie Bouchard

Shift your MIND to shift your BODY.

For decades, Natalie struggled with yo-yo diets that caused health issues, and trying to balance her hectic corporate travels, family, and personal life was a constant frustration. Natalie struggled most of her adult life with massive weight fluctuations, being over 200 pounds with her pregnancies, and disliked her body. At 38 years old, 5 years ago, Natalie decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a professional fitness athlete. At the time, it was purely for vanity, but over 5 years, this roller-coaster journey exposed Natalie to the many beauties and dysfunctions found within the fitness industry and within herself. Unlike most athletes, Natalie not only invested in the top fitness coaches around the world but heavily invested in working with the world's top mindset gurus.

Natalie's quantum-leap successes in every area of her life-"not just fitness" - are due to her deep passion and understanding of how the mind works. She explained that when you achieve your fitness goals by focusing on shifting your mind, your entire life changes. This is not just about your body. The problem that we see in the current fitness industry is that the programs are 95% focused on the body and 5% on mindset. Let's be clear: Success in life and in fitness is 95% MINDSET and 5% STRATEGY. The power is found within our minds. Your body is an instrument of the mind! Let that sink in. The reason why Natalie struggled and why so many people struggle with their bodies is the dysfunction that lives inside of us. Every time Natalie achieved her body goal, especially after becoming a top athlete, the dysfunction living inside of her caused her old habits and empty feelings to resurface. That's why Natalie would repeatedly put the weight back on, only to find herself starting all over again in the most aggressive and painful way.

Natalie's WHY:

Today, Natalie not only lives in a strong and healthy body but is FREE in her mind from all the useless baggage of her past and the false fitness paradigms that weighed her down. It took Natalie her entire adult life to learn what she needed to learn so that she can offer unique programs that target the root cause of all body image issues--your mind. Once your mind is cleansed and aligned with your heart's truth, you will connect to a power inside of you that is greater than anything you've seen before. I guarantee that you will never again seek motivation outside of yourself. You will feel alive, in control, complete, and self-inspired. Now that's living with power!

Natalie's VISION:

Today, Natalie's vision is to combine her two passions, mindset and fitness, into one powerful program. Natalie explains that the most amazing and powerful life transformations happen as a result of mindset shifting and changing one's self-image. By partnering with her biggest mindset mentor, Bob Proctor, the top mindset teacher in the world, Natalie can offer a program that the industry has never seen before. Natalie fully embraces her past struggles and tribulations because they have led her to this major life purpose: to serve others towards their best fit life. But be prepared, this program will not only shift your body, it will shift your life in a magical way.

Fitness & Nutrition ~ Experience/Education

Over the past five years, as a professional fitness athlete, Natalie has worked with the top nutritional scientists and personal trainers around the world. Natalie is also an ACE-certified personal trainer and will forever be an ongoing student when it comes to fitness. Natalie is currently studying with MNU Nutrition, the industry leader in evidence-based nutritional science programs. This professional athlete not only studies new science-backed theories she also applies and monitors these new concepts in her life. Natalie's ongoing transformation after the age of 40 speaks for itself. Natalie has tremendous expertise in transforming bodies by using dozens of healthy, flexible, sustainable methods that fit your unique lifestyle. Natalie understands the struggles of a hectic work schedule, the demands of being a mother, frequent travels, eating disorders, depression and anxiety, and challenges being over 40. Natalie has been featured in several magazines, including MUSCLEMAG and D'Fyne Fitness.