Top 4 reasons why people quit their fitness plans

By Natalie Bouchard

#1- You begin your weight release journey looking forward to the end.

So many people begin their fitness journey with a program that they dislike so much that they look forward to it ending. It is so important to work with a coach who is not caught up on specific types of nutrition or fitness plans. There are hundreds of ways for you to release weight and reach your fitness goals that will also enable you to keep the weight off. To achieve the results you want, work with someone who is not set on only one way of working. It’s important that they take the time to understand your lifestyle, your goals, and your current mindset so that they can build a plan that works with you instead of against you. For example, if you love carbs, don’t go on a keto diet. You can lose weight eating what you love, but if you choose a coach who only believes in keto (a.k.a. the “low-carb diet”), then you will be at a disadvantage you will find that the journey will be a struggle, and you will look forward to it ending. This is one of the main reason why people quit their fitness programs. Worse yet, it is why many release all their excess weight only to put it—and sometimes, even more—back on. Look, you don’t need to adopt someone else’s lifestyle to get results. You simply need a program that works for your life and your preferences.

#2- You believe dieting and exercising are difficult.

If you believe that exercising is difficult and nutrition plans are hard to stick to, you will keep proving yourself right by constantly seeking difficult plans. You will continuously ignore plans that appear easier because you will assume that they won’t work. Do you see where I’m going with this? I really want to help you understand that you can reach your desired weight loss goals while still doing things that you enjoy. This is the best way to ensure consistency, by enjoying your journey towards your goal. Enjoying your journey = c results. It’s only that easy if you permit yourself to believe that it is. The fitness industry often appears complicated, and that’s why it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. The people around you who have reached their fitness goals and continue to maintain their physique, have simply found what works for them. It really is that simple. And for those who keep telling you that you must push harder and make you feel like you don’t have what it takes—that is their limited view of the world. How they see the world is how they show up in the world. I am surrounded by fitness gurus and athletes who continuously take the “harder” path because that’s what they believe is necessary. They are creating a life for themselves that is solely built on their limited belief system. That’s neither good nor bad it just is. But do not allow others to push their views of this world onto you. You do not need to go on a journey down a “harder” path. Look around you society looks at people who have achieved their ultimate fitness goals and thinks these individuals must know the secret. It then starts following these successful people closely and studying what they do daily, wanting to know how they did it. Then, society copies what they see, and when it doesn’t work (which happens most of the time), society gets discouraged and assumes they are the problem—that they are simply not talented or strong enough. This is why so many people have such low self-confidence when it comes to health and wellness. I know what that feels like I was part of “society” for most of my adult life, having failed one fitness program after another and feeling like something was wrong with me. But today I know exactly what I did to achieve huge results when it came to my fitness goals. I stopped following others and started working on the one thing that the majority were not doing. I began to study my own mind with the best mindset gurus in the world, which led me to do things in my own unique and fun way. Today, I love guiding people down their own unique and fun fitness paths.

3- You have not prioritized changing your self-image.

Your mind is powerful. Let me explain how. Every day, when you look in the mirror, what do you see? Now let me ask you this: How do you feel about what you see? The way you feel about your body controls your results. That’s why it might always seem to you as though you are pushing against a strong current. That strong current is your own mind getting in your way. For example, when Rebecca looks in the mirror, she sees and feels fat. As she goes on with her day, things are just not going well. By midday, every little thing is irritating and frustrating her, but she thinks she’s simply having a bad day. She then spots a cake and immediately feels discouraged, thinking, Gosh, who brought this cake home today? She feels that she should NOT eat the cake, but her mind is so focused on it! She walks away, but for the life of her, she cannot stop thinking about that cake. At this point, she is beyond frustrated, but things get even worse. She gives up and decides to just eat that cake. Now, she feels terrible. What happened? The problem was that Rebecca’s mind didn’t know the difference between Rebecca wanting to be fat and not wanting to be fat. It simply knew that Rebecca was FOCUSED on fat, and therefore, her mind started focusing on giving her what she appeared to want but didn’t actually want: fat. Can you see why you need to get on top of this? You must change the way you see yourself otherwise, you will keep repeating the same mistakes. Please understand that your mind sees yourself a certain way—this is your self-image. And until you work towards changing how you see yourself by changing your self-image, your mind will keep pushing you towards the things you DON’T want. You must learn to focus on what it is you DO want.

4- You believe you should be happy with what you have.

Another harmful misconception is the belief that you should be happy with the way you are and the way you look. Part of this is true—it’s important to maintain a state of gratitude for what you currently have HOWEVER, it is also important that you also continuously work to achieve more. On a deep level that most are not conscious of, it feels wrong that we would want to change our bodies. But hear me out: It is human nature to want to grow and change. If you feel horrible, that is proof that you are going against your own grain by not working on changing yourself. Everything on this planet is constantly growing and changing, so if nature were to stop growing, what would happen? Exactly! It is not wrong to want to become your strongest, healthiest, and best version of yourself physically. But please recognize that change must happen deep inside of you before the changes in your physical world become visible to you. Those who skip this important step and proceed solely for their own vanity become lost and typically quit. Or, worse yet, some do achieve their desired results but remain unsatisfied with themselves and end up putting the weight back on. We do things differently by helping our clients work on their minds as they strive to reach their fitness goals. It is so important to us that you focus on who you are becoming in the process of achieving your physical goals. By doing so, you will have clarity and calmness of mind, and you’ll feel alive, free, and ready to live your best life. Let’s be clear: This is not just about fitness… this is about your life.