7 STEPS Towards Your Dream Life

Natalie Bouchard


I wanted to write about the GAP between the life we are currently living and the life that we dream about. At this point you have determined what your big purpose is, what your passion is. You begin to spend time visualizing that beautifully created dream in your mind. Make sure this dream scares you a little otherwise it's not big enough. When you become aware that you can achieve any dream ... why dream little!? Secondly, small dreams or dreams/goals you know how to achieve will not allow you to evolve the same way a big goal will. The bigger the goals, the MORE you step outside your comfort zone, the MORE your self awareness expands, the MORE you will feel ALIVE!


The challenge now is to break free of that part in your mind that keeps telling you ... there's lack, you're not good enough, you are an impostor, don't lie to yourself, I don't have the qualifications for that, This is not for me.

Look ... We've all been through this, but very few rise above these fears and doubts, not because they are not able to, but simply because they are simply unaware of the war that is happening in their mind. That's why most let doubt set in and revert back to their old life. Most are living the same year and same routine ... over and over again but expecting results to change. And waiting... waiting... for circumstances to change. I lived this way for years! I felt so disconnected! So Empty! I knew I was meant for more but believed I needed to wait for my circumstances to change before I did anything. So I kept waiting and waiting until Bob Proctor shook my head!!


If you really pay attention to what the main broadcast is on planet earth, most people are living in a frequency of lack, fear, doubt, limitations, scarcity, and competition. That's the general tone out there, all while living in this abundant universe. Look around you ... there's nothing but abundance!! There is no lack of energy ... only lack on consciousness and distribution. We are surrounded by abundance everywhere we look and only once you can see the abundance, will you see all the beautiful opportunities that surround you. If you only believe that the world is filled with "lack, greed, fear", you will be wired to only see and receive lack, greed and fear in your life. Which leads you to missing all the opportunities that will lead you to a more abundant life. LOOK! We don't need to live wishing If I had that or If I didn't lose that my life would be better! What you don't realize is that's the thinking that got your where you are right now!! What you fail to recognize that we are all living in a presence of energy that HAS NO LIMITS!! You are limitless. You are Universe/God's greatest creation! The only limit is in your thinking. Stop living life thinking you live in a world that is full of limits! Instead forces on the abundance that surrounds you! See it! It is there!


Look, Bob Proctor explains it best, no one makes 50K a year because they want to make 50K a year! They make 50K a year because they are not aware of how to make 500k/year OR

10 Million/YEAR.

YES you're right, money is not the answer! I know some rich people that are living a very empty and disconnected life. Not everyone that has money is living a truly prosperous life.

Money is GOOD for TWO THINGS:

1- So that you can be comfortable enough that you can be creative enough to really give the world your gifts.

2- Money is there to help you make a difference for good in areas that you care about. The truth is by being in a stronger financial situation this allows you to help and give back more. Also worth noting, that the law of receiving is activated through giving.


Here's the harsh reality ... the majority of the population (I was no different!) believe that the things that are happening to them are not coming from them. They believe it is actually happening TO them! SUCH A FALSE BELIEF! If you believe some are lucky and others are not... this BLOG is for you!

My biggest mind shift in life happened when I realized that life is not happening TO ME, life is happening THROUGH ME! All the results in my life were perfectly correlated with my thoughts, my beliefs, my actions, my behaviour. I am in the driver seat!


It's so easy for us to just blame our current problems on circumstances ... It's my spouse, the economy, my job, it's lack of money ... just so easy to blame! What you don't realize is that circumstances are just neutral, "Circum" stands for "around you". That's all that circumstances are. It is simply what surrounds you from where you are standing. A happy person can enter a room and discover tons of opportunities. A sad or grumpy person will walk in that same exact room and see issues everywhere. That's why we don't see the world as it is, we see the world as we are! The more we rise above our current circumstances, the more we step up in life! All those steps lead to that beautiful dream!


See this was so powerful for me to understand! WHY? Because by not being a victim of circumstances. By understanding how I was generating all my current experiences. By understanding how these PROVEN laws of the universe work. I was finally able to WAKE UP!! I was finally ABLE to break free from all invisible chains. I was able to see clearly that IF I had the power IN ME to attract and create things in my life I didn't want! IMAGINE what I can do now that I am fully aware and know how to direct that inner power towards my dream life!

WHEN you understand the power that is in you and feel worthy of your dream things get better. WHEN You understand the cause and effect of FEAR and DOUBT and WHEN you understand that circumstances are of your own creation, you can then make the shift that leads to seeing clearly now!

Let us show you how to master your inner power towards greatness ... towards your dream! We encourage you to reject the thought of continuing to live the SAME YEAR ... over and over again! THAT is a thought that should scare you ... not the thought of living your dream!!