My Anxiety and Depression Was A Choice Not A Condition.

by Natalie Bouchard

I used to worry a lot ... About my kids, About my future achievements. About how people viewed me. About meeting sales quotas. Basically ...about all situations outside my control. I constantly worried about the outcome of many things that had NOT yet happened. For some idiotic reason I felt if I worried and focused on the things I did not want to happen in my life... then somehow I would prevent it all from happening. But studying with Bob Proctor I learned something very powerful!

To Worry is To Pray for What We don't Want!!!!!

Wow! Those were powerful words! That woke me up. For most of my adult life I never realized that worrying about "uncontrollable things" was the very reason why I continuously found myself in situations I did not want. The more life gave me these things I did not want , the more I'd worry. The more I'd worry the more I felt anxiety. The more I felt anxiety, the more I'd find myself completely depressed and would struggle getting out of that dark place again. Yes, I would finally get out of my depressive state but only to find myself back to square one as I was not aware of the true cause of my periodic depressions.

See, depression ran in my family, therefore I was convinced that I inherited this condition. Now, through my prosperity studies with Proctor Gallagher Institute, it has become quite clear that what I inherited was a learned behaviour that was passed down to me by my family... it was NOT DEPRESSION!! I was unconsciously taught that this false belief of worrying and assuming the worst outcome in all situations would somehow prevent the worst from actually happening. Depression was simply a symptom that many of my family members were suffering from as a result of worry and doubt suppressed in their subconscious minds.

Photo Credit : Chris V Linton

Most people when faced with a situation they don't entirely understand, fall into the trap of worry and doubt. When this uncontrollable situation pushes power of thought to their conscious mind, they are faced with a choice. At that moment they have a choice of what they want to build with it. Based on their programmed beliefs, beliefs passed down to them, they decide to build a negative idea "Worry and Doubt" and they become emotionally involved with this negative idea. Their subconscious is also their emotional mind, Anything that is impressed in the subconscious mind must be expressed and it expresses itself in their physical body as ANXIETY. ANXIETY then turns into DEPRESSION. At this point, some people drug themselves and many hide this from the world. These individuals do not understand the true cause of their anxiety nor depression. Most people don't talk about it. I sure did not! They instead suppress it. Over time, depression eventually causes the body to breakdown and your body becomes prone to disease. NOW you must take note of this...because I used to be ill, A LOT!! THE TERM "DIS-EASE" SIMPLY MEANS A BODY THAT IS NOT AT EASE.

Today, I have become aware of my damaging beliefs and life is now truly beautiful and amazing. We all have so much more to be thankful for than to be unhappy about. How we view the world impacts our lives greatly. IF you view it as unfair. It will be unfair. If you view it as a place filled with untrustworthy people, that's what you will attract! If you view it as a struggle ... trust will be a struggle! My limiting beliefs and negative views about life in general were controlling the results in my life! They were not the results I wanted! I did not want to be depressed, empty, disconnected, stuck and ill! By facing and understanding my limiting thoughts and beliefs, I was able to free myself and become the person I was always meant to be.

I was asked the other day "So you mean to tell me that you never run into problems anymore and that life is always perfect?" This came from a highly sceptical individual ... sounded a lot like my former self!! HA HA! My response to this person was as follows: My focus is on the Life I want To Live. My focus is remaining a solid believer and having strong faith that "My Big Fantasy Goals" will manifest themselves. That's the only thing I choose to be emotionally attached to. Everything else is simply part of an amazing journey. So, when something doesn't go my way, I no longer react or get frustrated over what might appear to be a negative situation. Instead I ask myself to view this obstacle from a different perspective. I have now programmed myself through Bob Proctor's teaching to automatically seek the good in everything. I instinctively know that everything has a reason for appearing in my life. Trust me, when your mind is set on a worthy goal and remains in a positive frequency, you will be perfectly wired to see all blessings behind what might appear as obstacles. This powerful mindset not only guarantees you a blissful journey but will also set you on the right path towards your dream goals!

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